Carl Hanninen: Blog en-us (C) Carl Hanninen (Carl Hanninen) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 03:00:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 03:00:00 GMT Carl Hanninen: Blog 92 120 July 15 - Reading Jay Maisel These are the dog days of summer, those days of 30 degree temperatures. For me the most comfortable place to be is inside, with the air conditioning running. So recently I picked up Jay Maisel's book "Light, Gesture & Color" to read again. Maisel has had a 60-year career as a photographer based in New York. In this collection he communicates the three most important aspects of street photography. To most of us, light and colour (Canadian spelling, thank you) are fairly straight forward. But what is implied by gesture? Maisel writes: "Gesture can reveal the essence and character of anything from a mountain range to a mayfly."

Gesture is easiest to first see in people photographs. I will present some of my people photos that I think reveal the essence of the subjects. These first images are of people who realized that I was photographing them.

M_15_0006M_15_0006Vernon Winter Carnival


M_18_0009M_18_0009Winter Carnival parade P_15_0017P_15_0017Ontario Day 2015


P_16_0107P_16_0107 P_17_0035P_17_0035

T_15_0110T_15_0110 T_16_0487T_16_0487Stefano T_16_0717T_16_0717


T_07_0805T_07_0805Medieval Festival The next photos I would label as candids. In most cases the subject was unaware that he was being photographed. But gesture is still the essence of each image.

M_17_0157M_17_0157 M_16_0046M_16_0046Interior Provincial Exhibition June16-4June16-4 T_11_0129T_11_0129

T_11_0123T_11_0123Horse-drawn carriages in Residenzplatz T_11_0035T_11_0035Bride and groom, Old Town Square


T_15_0023T_15_0023 T_14_0048T_14_0048 T_15_0026T_15_0026 T_15_0213T_15_0213

T_16_0051T_16_0051 T_15_0140T_15_0140

T_16_0420T_16_0420 T_16_0495T_16_0495 U_16_0043U_16_0043 T_12_0616T_12_0616 T_16_0778T_16_0778

Gesture reveals a part of the character of each of the subjects.

Now we just have to get out with our cameras and look for gesture, not only in people but in all other subjects. More on this in another blog.

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July 2 - Editing Images I've begun the task of editing and optimizing images from my recent trip west. Sitting at the computer is not always much fun, but it is a necessity in this era of digital photography. Besides, the very hot outdoor temperatures we've recently experienced make it much more pleasant to be indoors in an air conditioned house.

Here are a few landscape images that I made in Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

U_18_0073U_18_0073 U_18_0079U_18_0079 This photograph breaks "the rules" of composition by having the horizon across the centre of the frame. Rules are made to be broken. I did like the composition mainly because of the clouds.

U_18_0062U_18_0062 U_18_0060U_18_0060 U_18_0080U_18_0080 I often like to search for graphic details within the landscape, as in these last three images. The grand landscape is not always the most interesting method of creating a sense of place.



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June 17 - Back Home When we left the Soo this morning it was raining. Sometimes the rain let up, so we were able to make some images along the way. These conditions were very good for photos as the colours are nicely saturated after a rain. This first photo I made at Harris Creek, just west of Iron Bridge, at a location where I have tried to make photos many times. These were some of my best photos from here because the light and colour saturation were so good.


We saw a few old barns along the highway. This is one photo that I made close to Iron Bridge.

_B0A7953_B0A7953 We stopped in Blind River for a quick visit with Claudette and Bob Gallagher, a coffee and a butter tart (just one each). The sky then began to clear and the sun came out. We did manage one further photo stop, on the highway into Elliot Lake.

_02A9430_02A9430 Then we drove to Sudbury, with no more stops for photography. This road trip has come to an end.

Later I will post images from this trip on my web site in the "Recent Work" gallery. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, thanks for following.





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June 16 - Sault Ste. Marie Cloudy and overcast and cool this morning. So we left our digs (probably the worst room we've stayed in, courtesy of Ward) thinking of breakfast down the road. Nothing in Rossport, but we did make some photos along the shore of Lake Superior.

June16-1June16-1 We drove on to Schreiber - nothing. What a sad town. All restaurants that had been in business were shuttered, but with chipboard. The next town was Terrace Bay, where I knew of a nice little bakery. Alas, it was also a place of the past. But there was a restaurant open at a motel in the town. It was very nice, good breakfast, good prices. We then backtracked a little to check out Aguasobon Falls. It was to be photographed only from a lookout on a great boardwalk, but from above.

June16-2June16-2 Our next stops were around Marathon, a distance along the highway. We made photos at a small lake, the Superior beach, and this small cascade beside a dusty gravel road.


From here it was a long drive away from Superior views, through White River and on to Wawa. There my friend Ward was able to find another friend.

June16-4June16-4 The drive through Lake Superior Provincial Park yielded no images. The light conditions were not at all good. We did make a couple stops south of the park. These provided some decent conditions, including this location from which I've made images in past trips.

June16-5June16-5 At this stop, I met a Swiss family who have been on the road in their motor home for one year. I helped them  by taking some photos for them in celebration of that one full year on the road. Here is a picture of Elfie and Dominic (I hope I spelled their names correctly) and their daughter. I had a great time meeting them and taking some photos for them.

June16-6June16-6 Then we carried on to Sault Ste. Marie to a room at Quattro - a large suite with a sitting area and a kitchenette. This is our best room of the whole trip, and at a reasonable price. Tomorrow is our last leg of our photographic journey. Ward just booked his flight out on Monday afternoon (warning to Sharron).

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June 15 - Nipigon We had thunder and rain during the night. This morning was cloudy, so our first stop was for coffee (or for Ward it was tea) at this roastery in Vermilion Bay.

June15-1June15-1 We then travelled through the metropolises of Ignace and Upsala before a next stop at Kakabeka Falls, one location for some potentially interesting photographs. Here are a couple that I made there.

June15-2June15-2 June15-3June15-3

The overcast conditions were excellent for photography at the falls. Then it was on to Thunder Bay for a refueling stop - gas, lunch, wine.

As we headed east, we decided to take a short side trip at Dorion, to Ouimet Canyon.

June15-4June15-4 Not much further down Highway 17 was Nipigon, where we found a room for the night. We made a short foray into the town and saw this home along the street. This is for you, Bernice and Jack, with thanks for our a short rendevous at Tim Horton's.

June15-5June15-5 Veda and I first met Bernice and Jack skiing at Silver Star, Vernon, a few years ago. They put on great dinners in the winters out there.

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June 14 - Vermilion Bay, Ontario We left Brandon this morning under cloudy conditions - nothing conducive to photography weatherwise or in the landscape.

We had lunch and a nice visit with Mike Grandmaison in Winnipeg, and then headed into Ontario. We made one stop to photograph, at Rushing River Provincial Park just east of Kenora. Here are two images I made of the Rushing River's falls.



We drove a few kilometers east and chose a motel in Vermilion Bay. The evening was nice and warm, with no wind and no insects.

June14-3June14-3 Ward is enjoying his rum and a few munchies outside the room while watching the traffic pass by on the Trans-Canada highway, and checking in with the boss at home. He also found a new friend.


June14-5June14-5 Good night to all. We will enjoy the sounds of nature tonight - highway nature, that is!


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June 13 - Brandon, Manitoba Today's drive took us across Saskatchewan, and then into Manitoba. We've stopped for the night in Brandon. That means time for a bit of wine (Rasteau), some cheese and foie gras. A fitting end to an uneventful day. The good news is that it was sunny with nice clouds and no more gale-force winds. This was Ward's first time in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We turned off the Trans-Canada to photograph these grain elevators in Herbert. June13-1June13-1 June13-2June13-2 We found few photo opportunities along the highway, but this was an interesting one. Here is Ward photographing an old house in Parkbeg.

June13-3June13-3 June13-4June13-4 This is my attempt at creativity. The lady who owns a cafe opposite this house came by to speak with us. From her we learned that this house had been built in 1905. It is withstanding the elements quite well.

June13-5June13-5 This was our one Manitoba stop, near Whitehead.

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June 12 - Medicine Hat, Alberta I'm glad that I drank the remainder of my bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot noir, along with some cheese, foie gras, and dark chocolate. I know you likely are not interested, but these fucking computers can be frustrating. I'd mostly finished this blog post and then I lost it all. So I'm starting over.

This first image I made in Kalispell, Montana, yesterday, as we were about to depart. Mr. hart is the owner of a 1952 Citroen that I photographed. This is him with his parakeet.


We then drove to West Glacier and the entrance to Glacier National Park, only to learn that the Going-to-the-Sun Highway was not yet open. I made this photo along the shore of Macdonald Lake in the western side of the park.


We then drove along the highway that skirted the park on the south side and on to St. Mary, the eastern entrance to the park. Ward and I made some images in this part of Glacier, but it was a battle, mostly against the fierce winds - not a lot of fun, to say the least.

June12-4June12-4 Here you can see Beargrass blooming in the fire ravaged forest.


Last night these winds kept up. We could hear them howling all night long, so we passed up an early morning photo shoot. The light was bright, and the sky was a bald blue, so we decided to move on.

We paid our entry fee and entered Waterton Lakes National Park. Only after arriving in the village did we become aware that the two main roads, to Cameron Lake and into the Blakiston Valley, were closed due to the ravaging fires of last September. Is it not incumbent upon the park to inform visitors of these restrictions before they pay and enter? I think it rather arrogant of the authorities to not post this information or to inform travellers before they enter. We were restricted to the area of the village and nothing else.

The mountain sides around Waterton village were completely ravaged, as this photo illustrates.


I made this photo of Cameron Falls in the town site. There was nothing else to photograph.


This final image was made along the route to Lethbridge.

June12-7June12-7 Tonight we are in Medicine Hat (The Hat), on our way home.

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June 11 - St. Mary, Montana We are in St. Mary tonight, at the eastern entrance to Glacier National Park. And the wind is howling out our room. We've just returned from the park, finally giving up because it was so difficult to photograph. In fact it was hard to stand in the gusting winds.

Last night we stayed in Kalispell, Montana. I was unable to post a blog because the internet at the hotel was out. In the morning we were informed that a large swath of that part of Montana had its internet out of service.

Sunday morning, Ward and I decided against staying another day in Palouse because the morning was overcast. The forecast was similar for the day with also the possibility of rain. So we made a morning photo run, then packed up and headed east toward Glacier National Park. I'll report on today's activities with tomorrow's blog.

Here are a few images from yesterday morning in Palouse.

June10-1June10-1 June10-2June10-2 These two images were made close to our hotel in Pullman.

June10-3June10-3Weber house We revisited the Weber house, thinking that the cloudy skies create more of a mood suitable for this derelict house.

June10-4June10-4 Overcast day, poor photo conditions? The skies did clear for moments like this near Colfax.

June10-5June10-5 This old barn we found near Hot Springs, Montana.

In tomorrow's blog, I will post some images from Glacier National Park, and perhaps Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.

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June 9 - Rainy Day in Palouse We had thunder showers last night. When we awoke in the morning, there was a heavy cloud cover. Shortly after breakfast the rain began - too heavy for photography. Also the sky was featureless. So plan "B" into play - go get an oil change and shop for some food. Around 1:00 we decided to go for a drive - somewhere - even if there still were intermittent showers. It was also very cool - about 9C. But we did make the best of the conditions. After a rain, the colours are quite saturated. Most often we had to leave the bland sky out of the frame, except at times when it was gray. The lack of harsh shadows was good for closeup photography, especially of old vehicles, which are numerous here in the Palouse. As you will see, the sun finally broke through late in the day, giving the landscape textures.

Here is a selection of images that I created this afternoon.

June9-1June9-1 June9-2June9-2 June9-3June9-3 June9-4June9-4 June9-5June9-5 June9-6June9-6 June9-7June9-7 June9-8June9-8 June9-9June9-9

June9-10June9-10 June9-11June9-11 This last image of me photographing at evening is courtesy of Ward Isnor. But I do retain reproductive rights, so beware.

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June 8 - Discovering Palouse I'm sitting here in my hotel room late in the evening editing my images from today. This is made all the easier with my bottle of Cotes du Rhone, brie, prosciutto, and Miss Vickies. So my apologies if the photos are somewhat blurry!

This was another ridiculously early departure for sunrise on Steptoe Butte. It was better than yesterday, though not spectacular. The day was spent driving the back roads in search of photo ops, ending with a climb up to Steptoe Butte. Though we had a cloudless day, these clouds seemingly appeared out of nowhere and obscured any chance of sunset light. Here is a selection of my photos from today.

June8-1June8-1 June8-2June8-2 June8-3June8-3 June8-4June8-4 June8-5June8-5 June8-6June8-6

June8-7June8-7 June8-8June8-8 June8-9June8-9 June8-10June8-10 And now I'm going to polish of that bottle of wine. Cheers!

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June 7 - In Palouse Country Today was our first full day photographing in the Palouse region of Washington. We were up early (ridiculously early at 3:45 a.m.) for the drive to Steptoe Butte, a high hill from which one gets a view of the farmlands. Unfortunately good light was not to be had. June7-1June7-1 This is one image that I made from Steptoe Butte.


A farm near Colfax.

June7-3June7-3 Part of a collection of old trucks near Endicott.


Near the town of Palouse.


An old Hudson parked on the main street of Palouse.


We can no longer be smug about the American electors. First the voters of Toronto elected Rob Ford. Now Ontarians have voted in Doug Ford. So much for the intelligence of those who vote. People of Ontario are as clueless as the Americans. How can we still criticize the Trump supporters?


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June 6 - Pullman, Washington Today we left Belgrade, Montana, driving west on I-90 to Coeur d"Alene, Idaho, and then south, arriving here in Pullman at our reserved hotel. We will spend the next few days photographing the Palouse landscapes, farm fields, old barns, and whatever else we chance upon.

We had three days of fun in Yellowstone. It might have been better if the days had not been so bright and sunny, and if we'd had wildlife encounters. Here is a random selection of images from those long days.


This is a closeup of a section of Orange Spring Mound, Mammoth Hot Springs.

June6-2June6-2 Lower Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs.

June6-3June6-3 Upper Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs.


Vent along Gibbon River.


Lower Falls, Yellowstone River.

June6-6June6-6 Fountain Paint Pots.

June6-7June6-7 Black bear, near Tower.

June6-8June6-8 Grand Prismatic Spring.

June6-9June6-9 Detail of Grand Prismatic Spring.

June6-10June6-10 Along the slopes of Mount Washburn.



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June 5 - Goodbye Yellowstone We left Yellowstone late this afternoon. We had two long, but productive days photographing in the park. Getting up at dawn and coming back to our room in Gardiner at the end of the day has been exhausting, not to mention all the driving. We are in Belgrade, Montana, tonight. Tomorrow we set out for Pullman, Washington, our trip's destination, to photograph in Palouse Country, with its rolling hills of farmlands.

I will catch up with our Yellowstone adventure in tomorrow's blog. In the meantime, I leave you with one image, a photo of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.



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June 4 - Billings to Yellowstone This post is covering our Sunday travel. I apologize for missing yesterday's posting. I won't bore you with my excuses, but I hope to get caught up tomorrow, after another long day of photographing in Yellowstone today.

On Sunday morning we left Billings and headed to Yellowstone via the north east entrance over the Beartooth Pass. This photo I made in Boyd, Montana, just before Red Lodge. We stopped to photograph an interesting exterior of a shop along the highway.

June3-1June3-1Ralph and Oreo

This is the owner, Ralph, with Oreo.

After breakfast in Red Lodge, we headed for the pass, which climbs to an altitude of almost 11000 feet at its summit. Here are just two of the photos I made on this drive. The first shows the road in Montana. The second one illustrates why this pass is not open in the winter. This photo of Ward on the road was made in the Wyoming side.


June3-3June3-3 We entered Yellowstone just after the town of Cooke City, and drove through the Lamar Valley and eventually to Gardiner, Montana, where we had booked rooms for the next two nights. That evening we spent photographing at Mammoth Hot Springs.

June3-4June3-4 This is one image that I made of selected details of Orange Spring Mound. There numerous others, so this is just one example.

June3-5June3-5 Our last stop was to photograph some of the terraces of the springs area.



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June 2 - Badlands National Park to Billings We were out very early this morning in Badlands National Park. Today was still windy, though the winds were not as fierce as those of last evening. But we had to hang on at times when wind gusts suddenly threatened to blow our tripods over. Hanging on to our hats was another issue.

As we approached the park, the sun disappeared behind heavy clouds, but lucky for us, the sun soon began to filter through.

June2-1June2-1 This image shows the first rays of the sun lighting the landscape.


This photo is in full sunshine, with some nice clouds still in the sky. These clouds eventually dissipated, leaving us with harsh bright light. But by then we'd had a good three hours of photographing.

After this we came upon these two Bighorn rams.

June2-3June2-3 June2-4June2-4 We then returned to Wall for breakfast, checked out of our room, and hit the road, I-90 to Rapid City (coffee and lunch at Panera, a stop Veda and I are familiar with). Then the drive took us north west through Wyoming, into Montana, and the night in Billings.

June2-5June2-5 Somewhere in Wyoming, along I-90.

Tomorrow we plan to cross the Beartooth Pass into Yellowstone. That could be an interesting drive!




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June 1 - Wall, South Dakota We drove south this morning through Minnesota. The day was bright and sunny, but we did stop for the occasional photo op. This image of wind turbines was near Marshall, Minnesota.


 We next stopped in Luverne, Minnesota, at the Brandenburg Gallery. Jim Brandenburg, a long-time National Geographic photographer, was born in Luverne, though he now lives in northern Minnesota. After spending some time in the gallery, we connected with Interstate 90, and headed west into South Dakota. The temperature at one point reached 35C. Our destination was Wall, where we would get a room and then venture into Badlands National Park. Though it had been windy all afternoon, after our arrival at a motel, the winds became fierce, blowing sand around and making standing outside tricky. The temperature dropped rapidly to 20C. Even with the nastiness of the weather, we were not deterred, and headed into the park. Immediately after the park entrance, we saw Bighorn ewes with eight kids. It was entertaining watching them romp around playfully, but it was difficult trying to photograph them.



_02A7150_02A7150Badlands silhouette These images I made in Badlands National Park. We plan on returning tomorrow morning before resuming our trek west.

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May 31 - Day 2 of Westward Journey This morning in Marquette, Michigan, was cloudy with threats of rain. These conditions were the norm through the Upper Peninsula. This area revealed a plethora of abandoned decrepate buildings. These are probably attractive only to photographers.

_02A6997_02A6997Ward, Michigan Here is Ward photographing one of a group of cabins in Ely Township. He likes to announce that these were our reasonably priced rooms for the night. We think that neither Sharron nor Veda would choose to stay here.

_02A7013_02A7013Michigan These barns of a past era are located in Covington, Michigan, the neglected remains of an old Finnish farm.

As we entered Wisconsin, the skies began to clear. Sunny conditions are disdained by us photographers. We carried on through Superior, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota, and headed in a south westerly direction, through St. Cloud to Willmar for the night at a Day's Inn. We "dined" in our room, with wine (me) and rum (Ward) with cheese, pate, and Miss Vickies chips - an elegant dining experience.

We'll begin June, with a target destination of Wall, South Dakota, from where we'll have access to Badlands National Park.




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May 30 - First Day on the Road _02A6962_02A6962Leaving This is a photo of the photoers as we are leaving my house this morning, with the SUV packed for the road.

Ward flew into Sudbury from Nova Scotia yesterday evening. At the airport we encountered our former colleague Bob Little.

We had a dinner last night of ginger-crusted pork tenderloin with maple mustard sauce and the requisite bottle of Cotes du Rhone wine, and chocolate mousse dessert. After some catching up on news and some story telling, we hit the sack so that we could get a decent start in the morning.

We did not get very far before the trigger fingers began itching. After all, that's what this trip is about. This is our first photo stop - near Webbwood. Old and derelict cars often make for interesting images.

_02A6973_02A6973Old car, Webbwood We did make a couple other photo stops, but the most important stop was for butter tarts in Blind River. And we waited long into our drive to sample these - until Munising, Michigan. We are driving Highway 28 westward toward Duluth, but have stopped for the night in Marquette, Michigan, just as it began to rain. This is quite a change from the 30 degrees near Newberry.

We plan to get an early start tomorrow, even though rain is in the forecast. Here's hoping for some interesting photography.

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May 28 - Almost into Summer Spring was slow to come this year. When it did finally start to green, everything erupted quickly. First a few fresh green buds appeared, and now suddenly the trees have fully leaved out. Here are a few photos from around home showing how we are now in new full growth.

S_18_0098S_18_0098 This creek is along the road to my house. Undergrowth still is only beginning to grow.

S_18_0102S_18_0102 S_18_0100S_18_0100Pin cherry blossoms, Sudbury The pin cherry trees blossomed seemingly overnight. These are along Long Lake Road.

S_18_0107S_18_0107Pin cherry blossoms and birches in spring, Sudbury These pin cherry blossoms in front of a grove of birch trees are near McFarlane Lake.

Robinson Lake, Sudbury This photo I made just this evening at Robinson Lake, with a lone Trumpeter Swan feeding.

M_18_0072M_18_0072 Only in Sudbury do you find rocks for sale.

On Wednesday I will be taking to the road, on a photo trip west with my friend, Ward Isnor. Our destination is Palouse Country in eastern Washington.

I plan to blog about this journey daily, with a photo (or perhaps more) of the day. Please follow us on our journey.


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