Garth Maguire(non-registered)
Thanks so very much for the updates, and the fabulous photos of your tour. When we see them and all the wonderful sights you’ve shared with us, it feels like our tour as well. Thanks so very much! Enjoy and our best to you both!!
Garth and Marian
Olin Cumins(non-registered)
I read this post your post so nice and very informative post thanks for sharing this post!
Judy Size-Cazabon
You are a true artist, Carl! Your photos invite me to pause and notice even the simplest of nature's creations. What better way to spend a life!
Dennis Tascona(non-registered)
Carl, your recent photos are stunning works of art. Thanks for sharing.
Claire Guerette(non-registered)
Beautiful photography on your way to Vernon.
Love your work!
Benoît Cazabon
Hi Carl, Renewed with your latest shots. Always inspiring! I hope you will keep inspired yourself, a real gift! And I travel free!
Dennis MacKinnon(non-registered)
Hi Carl, I attended your presentation for the Brantford Camera Club last night and I really enjoyed it. You left me with some really good tips and ideas which I intend to use in my own photograph. I especially liked your ideas around quality of light, direction, intensity etc. Wonderful shots on your site - spectacular! :) Cheers!
Bob lalas(non-registered)
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
Hello from Switzerland!(non-registered)
Ted's brother here, enjoyed your photos and comments on Cyprus; loved your irish photos too - you practically retraced the steps my wife and I had taken there on two separate occasions in the past two years.
Derek Manuel(non-registered)
I got inspired by your website your pictures are very professional shots.
I found this website tracing owners phone number
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