May 8 - On the Road Encore

May 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We are currently in Goderich, before we fly to Europe next Tuesday.

Here are three photos I made here this morning.

May 8-1May 8-1 This is along the Maitland River just east of Goderich.

May 8-2May 8-2 The farmers have been working their fields. The crops have not yet begun to sprout.

May 8-3May 8-3 A small wetland at the edge of Goderich.

We will be flying to Geneva on Tuesday, picking up a car, and driving to visit friends near Zurich. We will tour in Switzerland, northern Italy, and a bit in France.

I plan to post as often as I can during this trip. I hope you will follow our voyage for the next five weeks.


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