Carl Hanninen | May 17 - Nicosia, Cypress

May 17 - Nicosia, Cypress

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Today Ted took us on a tour of his home town, Nicosia (called Lefkosia by the Greek Cypriots), the capital of Cyprus.

The southern part of the city is very modern and prosperous, but recently much of the social life has migrated from this commercial area into the old part of the city. Most of the coffee shops and restaurants have located to this old inner city because of the high rental prices in the new area.

This photo shows one of the narrow streets of this area.


Nicosia is an old walled city that is divided into Greek and Turkish sectors. The UN still maintains a presence in the buffer zone between the two sides. This photo shows a section of wall that separates these two parts.

14-05-17-114-05-17-1 Here Ted is peeking through a hole in the wall into the Turkish sector.


After walking around the Greek sector of the city, we crossed into the Turkish sector, where these images were made.




These young ladies posed for me.

The Turkish sector is not as prosperous and much quieter. Fewer buildings here have been renovated and the streets are less clean.

This photo shows bar patrons in the Greek sector watching the Cypriot football championship game on television. Incidentally, this game was suspended because an incident among the fans in the stadium.



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