August 18 - Being Prepared

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last Sunday I was in Whitefish Falls helping to build a deck. On our way out to the main highway, we came upon a deer with its fawn grazing at the side of the road. They were not spooked by my presence as I made a number of photos from my vehicle. As I had my long telephoto lens on the camera, I was not able to photograph the two deer together. I had too much magnification.

Aug 18/16Aug 18/16 Had I opened my door to get out of my vehicle, these deer would most likely have quickly vanished. For this reason I was not able to access a shorter focal length lens. But I was prepared. I had my a camera with telephoto lens handy so that I did not have to leave my vehicle. Had I not, I would most likely not have got any photos.


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