Carl Hanninen | May 22 - Cyprus

May 22 - Cyprus

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Today we made our third visit to the Turkish occupied territory, also known to the Turks as Northern Cyprus. The area we went to is called Karenia, north of Nicosia. One thing that we've noticed is the large Turkish military presence in the north. There are numerous military bases and thus numerous areas where photography is not permitted.

Our first visit was to Bellapais to a 12th century church, now in ruins. This photo is a view of the church in the village taken from the mountain road above. 14-05-22-114-05-22-1

 We drove further up this road and found a spot at which to have our lunch.

14-05-22-214-05-22-2 We then drove to another small village further west and up on the mountain side, named Karmi. It was very nice and neat, probably because it was a British enclave.

14-05-22-314-05-22-3 Cyprus has numerous cats, not wild but without homes. The local residents look after and feed these cats.

We then drove along the north coastal road. Here we saw many developments for tourism, but the vast majority have not been completed, have been abandoned in various stages of their construction. Few of these buildings seem to be occupied. This is one photo of one of these sites.

14-05-22-414-05-22-4 On our return drive we stopped to photograph this shepherd along the road.

14-05-22-514-05-22-5 Thie evening we went out for dinner at a restaurant across the street. We had a great meze (a typical Cypriot meal comprising numerous small dishes of various foods which are shared). Our meze consisted of about 30 various dishes, from vegetables to cheeses to meats to desserts.

This was our last day in Cyprus. Our flight departs at 10:00 am tomorrow.

Thanks to Ted (a fabulous host and guide), his mother for hosting us, his cousin Daphne also for guiding us around, and his brother Harcules and his wife.

Cyprus is not well known as a tourist destination, but it definitely should be. It has many sites from antiquity, beaches, and great variety of scenery, plus excellent food.


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