Carl Hanninen | May 15 - Still in Zurich

May 15 - Still in Zurich

May 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday we got a brief respite from the rain. So I photographed some of the local colour here in Fehraltorf.

May 15-1May 15-1 We then drove to Rapperswil, which is situated on the Lake of Zurich. Here is the view looking out onto the lake.         

May 15-3May 15-3 We walked up the ramparts to the castle above the town, where the sun finally appeared.

May 15-2May 15-2

Here we watched three wedding groups, then walked back down into the old town and sat outdoors for a cup of coffee. Just as we finished, the rains came down. It poured and hailed, so we took refuge under a shop overhang, and finally dashed to the parked car, and drove back to Veronica's in Fehraltorf.

That evening we went to Winterthur where there was an outdoor festival in the traffic-free streets of the old town. We were again plagued by rain. But we had some street food and then drinks and listened to a band at Ahara, a bar which is owned by Veronica's daughter, Celine.

Here is a photo of Celine behind the bar.

May 15-4May 15-4 Today was cooler yet, but at least no rain. We visited our friend Norbert, who lives in Wilen, on the south side of the Lake of Zurick. He took us out for an excellent dinner. Looking forward to improvement in the weather!


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