Carl Hanninen | December 5 - Abstract Photos (Part 2)

December 5 - Abstract Photos (Part 2)

December 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Another genre of abstract photography centres on man-made objects. I will sometimes focus in on everyday things, often the familiar.

1-abst-obj1-abst-objOil storage tank 2-abst-obj2-abst-obj 3-abst-obj3-abst-obj

At other times I may isolate the subject and not show anything around it. The frame of the photo then contains only a segment of the subject, thus leaving the rest to the viewer's imagination.


5-abst-obj5-abst-objDetails, old tractors 6-abst-obj6-abst-obj Sometimes the abstract photo is about only colour and form.

8-abst-obj8-abst-obj 7-abst-obj7-abst-obj 9-abst-obj9-abst-obj Repeating patterns are another of my favourite abstracting techniques. This is apparent in the above image and the next three photos.

10-abst-obj10-abst-obj 11-abst-obj11-abst-objMannequins 12-abst-obj12-abst-obj

I'll conclude by showing four other examples of abstract photos of found objects.

13-abst-obj13-abst-obj 14-abst-obj14-abst-obj 16-abst-obj16-abst-objPainted window and door, Carna, County Galway, Ireland


As you can see from this, many of the techniques are not exclusive. The methodology does overlap.




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