Carl Hanninen | July 7 - Where Is Summer?

July 7 - Where Is Summer?

July 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We've had a lot of rain recently, and not many sunny days. The upside to this is that the wildflowers have been abundant. This photo shows the lupines at our driveway entrance.

P_17_0104P_17_0104 Here are some other photos that I made of wildflowers in and around our place.

S_17_0133S_17_0133 S_17_0111S_17_0111

S_17_0103S_17_0103 M_17_0069M_17_0069 Our celebration of Canada Day concluded with the fireworks over Ramsey Lake.

M_17_0076M_17_0076 M_17_0073M_17_0073 Following Canada Day, we had a great visit at the Merwin camp at Whitefish Falls (with our friends Marilyn and Bob who took us to their daughter's place). This is the deck with a serene view of Bay of Islands.

S_17_0128S_17_0128 This photo shows the Canada Day sunset over McFarlane Lake at the Wilkinson home.

S_17_0126S_17_0126 We are trying to be optimistic: summer is coming.



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