Carl Hanninen | June 13 - Brandon, Manitoba

June 13 - Brandon, Manitoba

June 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Today's drive took us across Saskatchewan, and then into Manitoba. We've stopped for the night in Brandon. That means time for a bit of wine (Rasteau), some cheese and foie gras. A fitting end to an uneventful day. The good news is that it was sunny with nice clouds and no more gale-force winds. This was Ward's first time in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We turned off the Trans-Canada to photograph these grain elevators in Herbert. June13-1June13-1 June13-2June13-2 We found few photo opportunities along the highway, but this was an interesting one. Here is Ward photographing an old house in Parkbeg.

June13-3June13-3 June13-4June13-4 This is my attempt at creativity. The lady who owns a cafe opposite this house came by to speak with us. From her we learned that this house had been built in 1905. It is withstanding the elements quite well.

June13-5June13-5 This was our one Manitoba stop, near Whitehead.


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