Carl Hanninen | October 22 - A Strange Autumn

October 22 - A Strange Autumn

October 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This has been a most unusual autumn. The warm weather in September and thus far in October has played havoc with our usually brilliant fall colours. I normally look forward to morning fog for those atmospheric conditions that can make for exciting photo ops, but those foggy mornings seldom came. Clear, bright sunny conditions are not what we photographers crave.

Since I have not blogged for a long time, I have chosen a large sampling of my images from the last month. All of these images I made relatively close to home.

S_17_0254S_17_0254Foggy sunrise south end of Sudbury

Foggy morning along Highway 69

S_17_0245S_17_0245Thick October fog, Sudbury South end of Sudbury

S_17_0247S_17_0247Morning fog, McFarlane Lake, Sudbury Morning on McFarlane Lake

S_17_0271S_17_0271Sunrise, Simon Lake, Naughton Simon Lake, Naughton

S_17_0279S_17_0279Simon Lake, Naughton Simon Lake, Naughton

S_17_0291S_17_0291Autumn morning on Vermilion River, Whitefish Vermilion River, Whitefish

S_17_0282S_17_0282Vermilion River, Whitefish

Vermilion River, Whitefish

S_17_0319S_17_0319Morning on lake in Broder Township, Sudbury

Morning on unnamed lake, Broder Township, Sudbury


S_17_0380S_17_0380Early morning, near home Dawn light, across the road from home

S_17_0326S_17_0326Birches, Kivi Park, Sudbury S_17_0332S_17_0332Red maple, Kivi Park, Sudbury S_17_0398S_17_0398Maple in birch grove, Kivi Park, Sudbury These three images are from Kivi Park

S_17_0429S_17_0429Sunset, road to Worthington

Sunset along Worthington Road






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