Carl Hanninen | October 28 - Bare and Brown

October 28 - Bare and Brown

October 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Most of the leaves have fallen. Brown is now the dominant colour as you can see that in the following images.

This afternoon we went for a walk in Kivi Park. The park has changed greatly from a couple weeks ago - trees are bare, but the birches still have their appeal, and the trails are great for walking.

S_17_0450S_17_0450 S_17_0454S_17_0454


This fern is about the only greenery I saw, aside from the conifers.

S_17_0457S_17_0457 These mushrooms I found growing on a birch stump.


I will try to blog once a week for the coming months. Some times I'll show images that I made that week and at other times I will look at older photos and speak about them.



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