Carl Hanninen | March 18 - Last Days of Winter

March 18 - Last Days of Winter

March 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018 has been a fantastic winter for skiing at Silver Star Mountain. At the beginning of this month the snow base was measured at 279 cm., breaking a record that was set in 1950. Here are a few images from the mountain which show the beauty of this winter's snowfall.


2_02A57852_02A5785 These two photos are the view from the top of the mountain looking east to the Monashees.

3-C_18_00953-C_18_0095 4-P_18_00214-P_18_0021 Veda and Harrison along a street in the village, with its huge snow banks.

5-M_18_00345-M_18_0034 Dramatic collection of icicles on a village building.

6-C_18_01246-C_18_0124 This is a scene in Silver Star Provincial Park, which surrounds the ski resort.

7-C_18_01167-C_18_0116 Snow covered trees in the hills near Salmon Arm.

8-C_18_01108-C_18_0110 9-C_18_01139-C_18_0113

These two images I made in Kalamalka Provincial Park on a hike on a trail to Rattlesnake Point, which overlooks Kalamalka Lake. This park is just across the street from the home where we are staying. 10-C_18_012810-C_18_0128 11-C_18_012611-C_18_0126

These two views of Kalamalka Lake are on the opposite side of the lake from our place.

12-W_18_001612-W_18_0016 On this drive, we counted more than sixty swans along Otter Creek Road, in North Okanagan.

13-W_18_001413-W_18_0014 This pair of Bald eagles is nesting in these trees along the shore of Kalamalka Lake close to our place. We have seen them flying by on numerous occasions this winter.



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