Carl Hanninen | April 16 - Back Home

April 16 - Back Home

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We finished our skiing at the end of March. After house cleaning and packing the car, we began our drive home on April 3.

1Home1Home This scene is just west of Revelstoke. Snow and fog were higher in the mountains, but the roads were fine - bare but wet.

2Home2Home This is the Trans-Canada Highway in Albert Canyon, where we passed through two avalanche sheds.

We drove through parts of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, and eventually into Yoho National Park.


This small conifer was poking out of the snow at Natural Bridge area in Yoho.

We spent the first three nights in Canmore, so that we could explore Banff National Park.

4Home4Home Vermilion Lake and Mount Rundle. Unfortunately all the lakes here were still frozen.

5Home5Home This lonely tree was along the route to Kootenay National Park, near Storm Mountain.

9Home9Home Nama Creek, Kootenay National Park, British Columbia.

Back in Banff, we did encounter some wildlife.

6Home6Home This Bighorn Sheep ewe was near Two Jack Lake.

7Home7Home We saw this Gray Wolf along the Bow Valley Parkway.

8Home8Home This huge Wapiti (or elk) was also along the Bow Valley Parkway. We originally spotted him briefly up on a ridge but got no photos. I was able to photograph him the next day after making several circuits of the road. I was surprised that he still had his antlers.

The next morning we began our trip across the prairies. It is always anticlimactic for me in this landscape after the magnificence of the mountains.

10Home10Home These deteriorating but brightly painted grain sheds were near Chestermere, Alberta. I found little else to photograph across the prairies.

11Home11Home In our last four return trips from the west I have had no luck finding piled-up ice along Lake Superior's east shore. These ice-covered rocks were along Pancake Bay - the best I could find.

12Home12Home And this is what we came home to find, as I looked down my driveway. Where is spring?


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