Carl Hanninen | May 31 - Day 2 of Westward Journey

May 31 - Day 2 of Westward Journey

May 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This morning in Marquette, Michigan, was cloudy with threats of rain. These conditions were the norm through the Upper Peninsula. This area revealed a plethora of abandoned decrepate buildings. These are probably attractive only to photographers.

_02A6997_02A6997Ward, Michigan Here is Ward photographing one of a group of cabins in Ely Township. He likes to announce that these were our reasonably priced rooms for the night. We think that neither Sharron nor Veda would choose to stay here.

_02A7013_02A7013Michigan These barns of a past era are located in Covington, Michigan, the neglected remains of an old Finnish farm.

As we entered Wisconsin, the skies began to clear. Sunny conditions are disdained by us photographers. We carried on through Superior, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota, and headed in a south westerly direction, through St. Cloud to Willmar for the night at a Day's Inn. We "dined" in our room, with wine (me) and rum (Ward) with cheese, pate, and Miss Vickies chips - an elegant dining experience.

We'll begin June, with a target destination of Wall, South Dakota, from where we'll have access to Badlands National Park.





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