Carl Hanninen | June 8 - Discovering Palouse

June 8 - Discovering Palouse

June 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I'm sitting here in my hotel room late in the evening editing my images from today. This is made all the easier with my bottle of Cotes du Rhone, brie, prosciutto, and Miss Vickies. So my apologies if the photos are somewhat blurry!

This was another ridiculously early departure for sunrise on Steptoe Butte. It was better than yesterday, though not spectacular. The day was spent driving the back roads in search of photo ops, ending with a climb up to Steptoe Butte. Though we had a cloudless day, these clouds seemingly appeared out of nowhere and obscured any chance of sunset light. Here is a selection of my photos from today.

June8-1June8-1 June8-2June8-2 June8-3June8-3 June8-4June8-4 June8-5June8-5 June8-6June8-6

June8-7June8-7 June8-8June8-8 June8-9June8-9 June8-10June8-10 And now I'm going to polish of that bottle of wine. Cheers!


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