Carl Hanninen | November 19 - Signs of Winter

November 19 - Signs of Winter

November 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Mild days and cold days alternating has been our November. But recently the colder weather has arrived. At this time of year, I often desperately search for photo opportunities. So when I saw this dusting of snow on our deck, I grabbed my camera and made this graphic image.

Nov19-1Nov19-1 Earlier this week we visited our nephew, Scot, in Elliot Lake. I went for a short drive even though there was a bitter cold wind. I made this image at Sherriff Lake Sanctuary.

Nov19-2Nov19-2 The next day I went for a drive near home. I thought that I might find some macro subjects before the snow cover arrived. Here is one example of patterns in frozen water on a small puddle with oak leaves.

Nov19-3Nov19-3 On Saturday morning I looked out our front window and realized that we'd had a fall of wet snow that night. Here is the view down our driveway.

Nov19-4Nov19-4 I then went for a walk in Kivi Park, a short drive from our house. There I made a number of photographs in the park's birch forests. This is one of those photos.

Nov19-5Nov19-5 There were a couple skiers guiding disabled skiers on the trails, and a few people walking their dogs, but otherwise it was quiet and peaceful.


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